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PHX/Mesa Gateway Airport
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Custom Made Desktop Automotive Models

We Can Custom Build any car, truck, concept vehicle, fictional vehicle from film or T.V or anything on wheels you can dream up in sizes ranging from 6” to over 20 feet. We will build you a model that will not simply meet your expectations, but rather exceed them. Please complete the quote request form or call (866) 580-8727 for more information about our models or to get a price quote on a Custom Model today.

Custom Automotive Models Start at $950

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Product Overview

Have Any Car, Truck, Bus or Any Other Vehicle Custom Built into an Amazingly Detailed Desktop Model

Whether you are looking to recapture the memories of yesteryear with a classic car model, have a concept car, or just want a model of your “tricked out ride”; our Custom Built Desktop Car and Truck Models are precisely built with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy. Our craftsmen, working from our extensive library of blueprints and your photographs, will recreate any car, truck or other vehicle into an incredibly detailed desktop replica. Each meticulously detailed scale model is custom-manufactured and precisely-engineered to your exact specifications. The amount of detail on each model we build will amaze even the most discriminating collector. Factory Direct Models (FDM) will build you a beautiful, finely detailed custom desktop replica of your car, truck, bus, train or any other vehicle. Includes a personalized inscription plaque that adds the finishing touch to your extraordinary masterpiece. Our award winning customer service team will assist you with any questions you may have, and upon request update you on your models progress. Our builders will work with you personally during construction until your model is packaged and delivered in its foam fitted shipping case. Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3. Once you place your order we charge a 50% deposit, assign your model a serial number and provide you with a link to your electronic order form. When your model is complete we will send you several photographs from all different angles to review and approve PRIOR to shipment. This is done to ensure that neither we, nor you, missed any important details.  Once approved, your model will be shipped via air freight fully insured by UPS, Fed Ex/TNT or DHL. Absolute 100% satisfaction guaranteed. To view our gallery of recently built cars, trucks and other vehicles, please Click Here

Contact us via quote request or call toll free (866) 580-8727 today for more information on your vehicle model.  Order your custom model today and Experience the FDM Difference.


Write Your Own Testimonials


Dear FDM Team. Thank you very much for my model of Mount Cook Airline BAe748.

The attention to detail of the flower (rununculus lyallii) on the tail empennage sets the model off perfectly.

I am also very impressed with the meticulous packaging ensuring minimal chance of damage in the event of rough handling.

A picture of the model has been posted on my personal, and aviation interest (The Mount Cook Group Ltd) Facebook pages. Also links to your web page. I hope this may generate business for you.

In sincere appreciation

John RAtkinson

Training Captain/FleetManager (Retired)
Mount Cook Airline.

The collection is complete. Thank you very much for your steadfastness in rough seas. You got the job done. It took a couple of years but you all got it done right. The cockpit work in the SNJ was exceptional. The Midway model tells a fascinating story in the arrangement of aircraft on the flight deck. The "Angel" helo off the starboard quarter was very well done. The SNJ trapping #3 wire was perfect. Please send these photos to the crew in the Philippines along with my very grateful thanks for "a job well done". Feel free to use these photos for demonstrative and sales presentation. You did good, Jim Heidler! Lawrence M. Elson, CDR, USNR-ret.