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Custom Ships and More

Images shown are examples of custom models built for other clients.
Your model will be custom built to your specifications.

Custom Maritime Models

We Can Custom Build any sailing ship, private yacht, aircraft carrier, speed boat, battleship, or anything else that floats in sizes ranging from 6” to over 20 feet. We will build you a model that will not simply meet your expectations, but rather exceed them. Please complete the quote request form or call (866) 580-8727 for more information about our models or to get a price quote on a Custom Model today. Don’t forget to ask us about our custom made ship cases.

Custom Maritime Models Start at $1,495.00

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Product Overview

Have Any Boat, Ship or Yacht Custom Built into an Amazingly Detailed Desktop Model

Our Desktop Maritime Models are built with the utmost attention to detail and accuracy.  We are honored to have our models on display at Military Bases, Museums, Presidential Libraries, Private Collections, The Pentagon and in hundreds of trade shows, travelling exhibits, boardrooms and in private collections world-wide. Military or Civilian, working from manufacturer blueprints and your photographs, Factory Direct Models (FDM) will build you a beautiful, finely detailed custom desktop replica of your helicopter. No detail will be spared. Each meticulously detailed scale model is custom-manufactured and precisely-engineered to your exact specifications. The amount of detail on each model will amaze even the most discriminating collector. Our award winning customer service team will assist you with any questions you may have, and upon request update you on your models progress. Our builders will work with you personally during construction until your model is packaged and delivered in its foam fitted shipping case. Ordering is as easy as 1-2-3. Once you place your order we charge a 50% deposit, assign your model a serial number and provide you with a link to your electronic order form. When your model is complete we will send you several photographs from all different angles to review and approve PRIOR to shipment. This is done to ensure that neither we, nor you, missed any important details.  Once approved, your model will be shipped via air freight fully insured by UPS, Fed Ex/TNT or DHL. Absolute 100% satisfaction guaranteed. To view our gallery of recently built ship models, please Click Here

FDM takes great pride in every model we build and our team is very proud to know that our ship models grace the rooms of several the most prestigious and historic institutions in the world. Perfect for the home or office, you too, can own one of these masterpieces at a very reasonable price. We build models for many private boat, ship and yacht manufacturers as well as government and military ship-building contractors. We will build you a model that will not only meet your expectations but rather exceed them. Contact us today for more information on “what makes you float”. Get a quote on your custom ship model today and Experience the FDM Difference.


Write Your Own Testimonials



My name is Donivan Godsil. After years of seeing custom model airplanes offered online, and the regular 'production planes' available from business online... I finally bit the bullet and had your company build me a model of the club plane of which I fly.

I'm a member of the Monmouth Flying Club, out of Monmouth, Illinois. We are a small club, with a 1975 Cessna 172N Skyhawk. We have had the plane two years. I sent in several photos to you along with my deposit... and today, FedEx brought me one of the most amazing pieces of art I've ever seen.

I'm a perfectionist, and even if I WANTED to critique this model in any negative way... I COULDN'T! The lines are straight, there were no smudges in paint, no fingerprints, everything was even, the detail was remarkable. The stand the plane sits on is even beautiful.

I showed it to my instructor, and he couldn't even find a detail looked over.... This is simply perfect. Your worker's craftsmanship is amazing. The prices are right, and the wait is more than worth it. This is a museum quality model.

I'll be getting in touch with you soon for another one, for my instructor as a gift. Until then... MANY THANKS!!! Excellent job!

Donivan Godsil
Galesburg, IL

Hello. My good friend, Ed Viveiros, had a model made for me. My Dad was a Navy pilot who died, on active duty, at the age of 35. As I became proficient at researching the Internet I found out all about his career. I was given a mug from his Squadron mates at his funeral. I was only 10 years old. It took me 45 years to connect the mug with him. The Squadron logo on the base of the model is a perfect match to the mug.

The Skyraider your company made is exquisite. Every time I see the model it brings back memories and pride in my Dad. Thanks to all who helped my friend make my family an heirloom.

I have one word that all military people understand; OUTSTANDING !

Dennis Kane