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We’d like to thank everyone for their kind words and heart warming stories. We have posted a few stories and comments here for all to enjoy. Keep sending them, although we can’t post them all here, we will find a place on our website to share your incredible stories with everyone.

Dear Lauren and Jim,

My model arrived yesterday I am really pleased with the result! I have purchased many models for clients to whom I’ve sold aircraft but this is the nicest, most detailed and authentic I’ve presented.

Monday morning I’ll surprise the friend I sold my Comanche to I know he will be blown away! I’ll send photos of a new Cessna Turbo 206 as soon as I shoot them to order another for a very close friend who has models of every aircraft he has owned…none as nice as y’all do.

Thanks and I look forward to doing more business!

Pete Ettinger
Aircraft Marketing, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

I just had to write you to let you know how pleased I am with my display model. It far exceeds my expectations! Your modelers are the finest that I know of. I have a fairly large number of display aircraft and none are as precise as this one.

From my initial call to discuss having the model created to delivery has been a seemless process. Providing photos of the completed model, before shiping, is a great customer satisfaction concept. Your employee with whom I originally talked with was very knowledgable. I am in the process of gathering photos and information for having you make additional display models. I only wish I used your Company when I started collecting wood display models.

Again, my deepest appreciation for the quality. Look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Robert H. Lehmann

Thank you so much for the recent safe delivery of the model of my MD500 model. I am extremely happy with it, especially considering that the colour scheme is somewhat challenging!

The level of detail is outstanding, both inside and outside. The factory were very careful to get my approval of the interior before it was installed and it is spot-on.

As a hobby shop owner I can be critical of some models, but yours are perfect. Outstanding.
Thanks again,

Kind regards,
James McAlpine

Every time I look at the model of my husbands plane that you built I am so delighted. It is a great service that you provide. I am surprised that you do not request feedback for other potential customers to see, I would recommend you 110% !!

Best regards,
Colette Frawley-Bailey





Dear Factory Direct Models,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an awesome job done on the model
I ordered for a gift. My friend was beyond excited, and couldn't believe the
detail you executed down to the smallest parts.

Your order process is easy and precise, and your customer service team
is top notch. Can't say enough about the whole process, you guys are the best!!

Thanks again, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future

Best regards,

Rob Serafin

Hi Melisa.

Hope all is well with you.

I received my RV-4 Model on Dec 19 2012 but wanted to open it on Christmas day. I'm glad that I waited because when I opened the box, I was simply amazed with the finished product. I couldn't have been happier with the quality of workmanship that was put in to my model. It looks exactly like my real one and whenever I can't get down to the hanger to see my airplane, I just have to look at my model.

I want to thank you and your staff for taking the time and effort to due my model to my specifications.

I will highly recommend Factory Direct Models (FDM) to anyone I know who owns an airplane.

All the best to everyone in the New Year and again thanks.

Brian Eisner

To Whom it May Concern,

Today I received a surprise birthday gift from my brother. It was a model of my 1977 Varga Kachina N4631V!
The workmanship is perfect and the attention to detail is outstanding!
This is something I will treasure for many, many years!
Thank you for a job well done!

David B. Gurkin


Received the model, it looks superb. Please tell the team thank you.

Darrin W. Clinton

I received my Cessna 310 (Military version) model on 4 June 13. The wait was long but worth it.

The model is perfect. I am very pleased with it. I sent an E-Mail to the factory expressing my appreciation and commending their workmanship.

Cary Stephenson

My thanks to YOU!! The model you made for me is amazing; absolutely perfect in every detail (Maule N1055X).

I love it!

Rich Green

Hi Mike,

I want to say thanks for the amazing service and product we received when we ordered a model from you guys. It was just a Cherokee but the recipient of the gift was a retiring federal judge and it meant the world to her that we gave her such a personalized gift.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know you guys are doing it right.

Tom Reid

Hello Lauren.

Voila!! Just to let you know that my P3C Orion was just delivered!! After unpacking and putting on display I can only marvel at the accuracy and beauty of the model. Talk about nastalgia, I'm looking at the very plane I flew in almost 42 years ago. Thank you so much for all you have done to make this possible. I'll send you some pictures as soon as possible.

Warm Regards

C. Nelson
Coral Gables, FL

Hello. My good friend, Ed Viveiros, had a model made for me. My Dad was a Navy pilot who died, on active duty, at the age of 35. As I became proficient at researching the Internet I found out all about his career. I was given a mug from his Squadron mates at his funeral. I was only 10 years old. It took me 45 years to connect the mug with him. The Squadron logo on the base of the model is a perfect match to the mug.

The Skyraider your company made is exquisite. Every time I see the model it brings back memories and pride in my Dad. Thanks to all who helped my friend make my family an heirloom.

I have one word that all military people understand; OUTSTANDING !

Dennis Kane

Hallo Mike

I have just received my two models. They fully live up to my expectations!!
These were the models in which, I spent many hours before advancing to an airline.
Nice to have on the desk.

Nice work throughout, please let the "carpenter" and painter know.
I wont hesitate next time, where to put my order.

Happy Easter

Best regards

Ken Fynbo

Factory Direct Models is not just a great model-making company, it is one of the best companies around : Polite, efficient personnel, who make truly excellent products and deliver ahead of schedule. What more can one hope for?

S. Paul Dev, President, D-STAR Engineering Corp. U.S.A.

Dear Mike and associates,

I received the model yesterday. I can only say...EXCELLENT! It exceeded my expectations. The precise detailling has to be commended. My son will be proud to have this model on his desk. Compliments to you and your team! Feel free to use my comments on your webside if you like. Included is my telephone number for anyone that would like a recommendation....49-8766-584(tel.) 49-8766-871(fax) Germany.

Kind regards,
Coy Ritch

Ms. Sarmiento:

I just wanted to let you know that I received the F14 model yesterday, and I am completely happy with the model.

You all do excellent work, and I just wanted to compliment you on the great job.

Thanks very much,
Gary Gray

Dear Customer Support,

Allow me a minute to pass on my thanks to your organization, and in particular the craftsmen, who created my KC-130F Hercules model aircraft.

It arrived earlier this past week and I'd like to add my name to the other 40,000+ worldwide satisfied customers. I am duly impressed with the effort put forth and the results are exactly as I envisioned.

William Lang

Dear FDM Team. Thank you very much for my model of Mount Cook Airline BAe748.

The attention to detail of the flower (rununculus lyallii) on the tail empennage sets the model off perfectly.

I am also very impressed with the meticulous packaging ensuring minimal chance of damage in the event of rough handling.

A picture of the model has been posted on my personal, and aviation interest (The Mount Cook Group Ltd) Facebook pages. Also links to your web page. I hope this may generate business for you.

In sincere appreciation

John RAtkinson

Training Captain/FleetManager (Retired)
Mount Cook Airline.