Factory Direct Model Airplanes

Custom-made military and civilian aircraft models

Pilot owned and operated for over 25 years, Factory Direct Models (FDM) has been creating successful business solutions for the world’s most accomplished aircraft manufacturers and industry professionals.  Currently we supply the finest custom-made military and civilian aircraft models to over 50 different aircraft manufactures and hundreds of the world’s leading aerospace companies in over 68 countries. Each meticulously detailed scale model is custom-manufactured and precisely-engineered to your exact specifications. We can manufacture any model, any way without restrictions. Our award winning customer service team, experienced quality control team, comprised of former and current pilots, combined with our dedication and the relentless pursuit of perfection is what differentiates FDM from every other model maker.  We offer solutions from initial design through warehousing and world-wide distribution. Experience the FDM Difference.

Custom exhibit models in any size, from desktop to full-scale, with your paint scheme, custom interior details and working navigation lights is our specialty. Airplane models may be our core business, but we also build very highly-detailed, custom-made wall plaques, ships, yachts, boats, cars, trucks and unique, one-of-a-kind displays. We embrace the opportunity to build “outside the box.” Have an idea? We will build you a model that will not only meet your expectations, but rather exceed them. If you can dream it, we can build it.

“Excellence is not the standard by which we operate; it is the standard by which we strive to exceed.”