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US Presidential Seal Wooden Wall Plaque

US Presidential Seal Wooden Wall Plaque


Manufacturer : Factory Direct Models

Length : 14"

This model will be delivered to you exactly as shown in the photographs. Please note delivery times. If you would like to customize this model, or any other model with your markings, colors and numbers, order our Custom Model.

Availability : Ships Immediately

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Retail Price: $195.95
FDM Price: $169.00

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Product Overview

This High Quality Ready to Ship US Presidential Seal Wood Engraved Plaque was handcrafted with absolute precision using the finest Philippine Mahogany and was sealed to last for generations. Working from a collection of Logos and actual Pictures Factory Direct Models Master Artisans Recreated this US Presidential Seal Plaque into an amazingly detailed Wooden Wall Plaque.

The Wall Plaque you will receive will be exactly as shown in the photographs. If you would like to change this Wall Plaque in any other way, please visit Our Plaque & Seal Gallery section of our website to commission a personalized Wall Plaque to be built.

FDM Quality

Factory Direct Models has been supplying custom made models to the world’s most accomplished aircraft and ship manufacturers for over 25 years. Dedication and the relentless pursuit of perfection is what differentiates FDM from every other model builder. Our award winning customer service team will assist you with your order from the very beginning until your completed model is delivered to your door in its foam fitted shipping box. Our attention to detail and unmatched quality is why many of the world’s leading aerospace companies trust and work with FDM. Just as their standards are high, so are ours. Experience the FDM Difference.

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