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Custom Plaques

Custom Plaques

No matter what the shape, military or civilian, have Factory Direct Models custom make your squadron patch, company logo, fire/police patch or any other emblem or badge into a beautiful hand crafted wall plaque. Simply choose you preferred size, upload your images, make any comments, and place your order. Our award wing customer service team will be happy to assist you with your order from start to finish.

For more information call (866) 580-8727. Our plaques are approximately 1” thick and have 1/8 relief. We can recreate any shape or size and we offer volume pricing.

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Product Overview

Any Corporate Logo, Badge, Squadron Patch or Other Design Custom Built into a Wall Plaque or Podium Seal

Our wall plaques and podium seals are precisely made with extreme attention to detail and accuracy. We understand and acknowledge that every brand or logo must be made in accordance with very stringent guidelines. Our plaques are proudly hanging on the walls of many federal and state offices, including; The FBI, CIA, Many U.S. Embassies, DOJ, Universities, and countless Fire Houses and Police Stations. We also supply quite a few military squadron patch wall plaques to military institutions, active squadrons and retired military personnel.  Our craftsmen, working from your photographs, or art work; will recreate any logo into an absolutely amazing piece of wall art that will garner the attention of everyone within eye site. To view our gallery of recently built custom wall plaques and podium seals, please Click Here

Contact us today for more information on your wall plaque or podium seal. Our award winning customer service team will assist you with any questions you may have as well as assist you with your order. We will work closely with you during construction, and upon request track your order’s progress from the time you submit your order, until your plaque or seal is packaged and delivered in its foam fitted shipping case. Absolute 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We only charge a 50% deposit to get your plaque started with the balance due after you approve your completed plaque model through our electronic photo approval process.  Order your custom plaque or seal today and Experience the FDM Difference.

Simply give us a call at (866) 580-8727 for more information. Please note that custom made plaques take approximately 6 weeks to build. Rush orders are accepted depending on current factory workload.

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Dear Mike and associates,

I received the model yesterday. I can only say...EXCELLENT! It exceeded my expectations. The precise detailling has to be commended. My son will be proud to have this model on his desk. Compliments to you and your team! Feel free to use my comments on your webside if you like. Included is my telephone number for anyone that would like a recommendation....49-8766-584(tel.) 49-8766-871(fax) Germany.

Kind regards,
Coy Ritch

Steve, I just approved this one. Also, I received the Marine model yesterday and I'm ecstatic with it. Fabulous looking model and you nailed the sensors and dispensers. There will definitely be more of these in the future. Speaking of...when I do "repeat" a model will I be able to order one and reference the previous model? Last, I say the pictures of the KA350 you did with the clear piece so the cabin area can be seen (I forgot what you call this) and they pics look awesome. We'll for sure be doing a few more of these in the future as well. I can't wait to see it in person. Thanks to your company. Wonderful products. Heath Wallis Program Manager, Special Missions Textron Aviation
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